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Default SYNC usb taking forever to index

I hope someone here has experienced this.

I have an older Milan, 2009, shipped with probably the first edition of Sync.

I had been using a 16gig USB stick to play music thru the SYNC stereo and it worked fine.

Now I'm trying to use a new 32 gig USB stick and its taking forever to index. Some songs will play but I wonder if that is because they are the same songs as on the previous USB drive. I can go to the next song etc and new songs dont show up yet.

A few questions: does SYNC continue to try and index when the car is turned off? I cant imagine that it does. What if I'm driving but listening to the radio or a tablet via bluetooth? Is SYNC still trying to index, or do I have to be playing songs via the USB stick?

Is there anything I can do to speed this up? Can I leave the car in the carport with the key in the ignition, but not on? Will SYNC continue to index if I do this for an hour or so?

Is there a size limit to USB drives for the early version of SYNC? Its about 36oo songs.

Thanks for any replies.
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