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Mercury Forum: 06 Mountaineer Premier needs help with noise
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Old 07-28-2016, 04:52 PM
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Default 06 Mountaineer Premier needs help with noise

2006 Mercury Mountaineer Premier
v8 automatic all wheel drive.

When driving, you can feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel, it comes and goes as your vehicle speed increases and decreases.
its slight but its there, this is new, never was there before.

During acceleration and maintaining speed, now and then you hear a sound, whoop, and it like a 1 second long ish sound and thats about it, happened a couple times test driving the car.

we suspect it might be a wheel bearing or front differential bearing, we had the car lifted up and tried spinning the wheels, put it in drive and let it spin under its own power, had a her time finding anything at all.

Tie rod ends, ball joints, steering rack are fine, in park the noise is not present at all, even when revving the engine up to the limiter which is about 3500-3800 RPM.

Air conditioning and blowers was off, I pressed off buttons on front dash so nothing was on at all.
Radio off, etc...

No wobbling in the wheels or bearings, not the brakes dragging.

Axles and differentials have no play or shake when I grab them by hand, nothing is hotter than normal.

Is there a way to try and pinoint this sound before it gets worse or do we have to let it get worse before we can find it?

Only concern is this is the drivers only transportation and we only have a weekend to fix it when it comes to us for something to fix.

doesn't leak anything, all the suspension and stuff is new, not rusted at all.

Any help as to what to check will be good.
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Old 08-20-2016, 11:25 AM
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So update, noise is still there, not getting louder, but I'm told it might have been a slight bit louder.

Its like wubba wubba wubba, louder when cold, louder when turning but only when traveling about 25 mph or more.
Going slow and turning there is no noise at all, no vibrations, no clicking.
Very hard to tell which side in the front, I believe its the front.

Wheel bearings seem fine, the axles have the standard in/out play in their joints.

The only exception is the CV cup that plugs into the front diff on the one side, the cup rocks back and forth a little bit when I shake it forward/backward, is that bad?
The other cup that plugs into the other side of the front differential is fixed, no rocking.

I'm still stumped, something is defiantly making a noise, but its impossible to find.
Nothing is hindering the driving of the vehicle so I guess its fine for now, but I don't like not knowing whats making noise, unwanted noises are bad.

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Old 04-06-2019, 12:22 PM
Cdav59 Cdav59 is offline
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Sounds like the bearing in the differential to me. You shouldn't have any movement of the CV where it goes in the differential.
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